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Welcome to Yankee Chef Catering Company!
      Memories of good times with friends and family are the gifts of life we treasure. We are here to provide the food, service and advice to help you enjoy those times and make them even more memorable. Whether it’s a holiday feast, family reunion, birthday party, house party, Jack & Jill, wedding, baby shower, bereavement or any type of event we stand prepared to help write the menu, provide the food and any level of service you require.

At Yankee Chef, we’re dedicated to helping you create traditions and memories of your own with a personalized approach that focuses on you and your guests. We start our process with a few simple questions:

  “What do you like?”
  “What is the reason for the gathering?”
  “Who is the guest of honor and What do they like?”
  “What sort of atmosphere do you want to create?”
  “What level of service do you want?”

  We don’t try to overwhelm you with a large pre-set menu or second guess what your likes and thoughts might be for your particular event. We want you to give us your ideas and then through listening to you and exchanging ideas, we hope to arrive at the solution that is right for you. With our unique approach, you’ll have a meal that is the perfect complement to your event.

  My Mom, Ella Mary Sullivan taught me how to cook. I watched her make something from nothing on a daily basis for our Dad and her seven children. I started helping her as soon as I could reach the counter. She cooked to the season with her natural ability. I proudly carry this forward. She instilled in me this one over-riding sense of passion: Food Is Love