John Sullivan is the Yankee Chef. On May 31, 1953, a 10 and a half pound baby boy named John was born to Richard and Ella Sullivan of Milford, NH. He was one of eight children who grew up helping his mother with household responsibilities.

As mealtime approached, John would watch her do her magic at the stove, which she would create from scratch with humble offerings. The meals were always warm and delicious, and at the holiday season, Ella's was THE place to be.

Ever since he could reach the stove, John would help his mother prepare the nightly feast. She, by example and practice, taught him how to use the basic set of ingredients, starting with very little from "next to nothing" and always ending in a delicious meal: how to roast meats, how to deglaze a roasting pan to pull all the flavor into the gravy and how to make a simple roux. The list goes on: soups and stews, beef stew, French hash, roast stuffed turkey, roast pork, roast leg of lamb, baked ham with raisin sauce, pot roast, Swiss steak (ask John sometime about one of his Mothers most memorable casseroles and what his Father called it).

   They were a poor Irish-French Canadian American Catholic family, but be assured, the cupboard was never bare. John continued to be proactive in culinary skills with his own family throughout the years, referring to himself as a "food hobbyist" whose love for good food and flavors has developed into a profession. .

  John had been working on a name for his new business for a long time and finally decided on "Yankee Chef" as it best described him and his background in the most concise let his new and potential guests know where his food comes from and what to expect when they come in: an eclectic blend of flavors brought together by a hometown boy's experiences growing up in New England ---- a real Yankee Chef.

Yankee Chef Catering is a Chef owned Caterer

We roast whole
Turkey Breast, Ham and Roast Beef
in our own ovens.
That's where that homemade cookling flavor comes from.

We also make all our own stocks, soups and desserts.

Your Hosts: John Sullivan.